Tabarak Khan

Jul 12, 2021

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It's Not You It's Capitalism

“Consumerism has become a key way that people have misidentified freedom”
"I’ve realized how much a change of scenery gives me a new frame of reference for everything."
The main issue comes in how Reddit decides what content to surface: the primary feature is the upvote: each user can click an arrow that implicitly says “this should be more visible.” The more upvotes something gets, the higher it goes.
This is a wakeup call for reframing our idea of what housework truly is. "If you want to stand against the dehumanizing effects of capitalism, start by putting your own economy first."
“If we’re lucky, 2020 will be the year whimsy finally dies as a prevailing tone of voice.”
Tabarak Khan

Tabarak Khan

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